The User Agreements shall be effective immediately between VSTORE MYANMAR LIMITED ("VStore") and the User as soon as the User continues to register account.

The following agreements are to be understood and agreed by the Users before registering VStore Account.

  1. The valid mobile number must be provided to register account in VStore.

  2. The User must keep her/his account's Password in safe and secured place. VStore shall NOT be liable for any loss or damage due to theft of Password through the User's negligence.

  3. All the services or products sold on VStore must be accessed by using VStore's mobile applications. VStore shall NOT be liable for any loss due to improper use of VStore's mobile application, or the User's errors, or account security compromise, or using third party tools to access VStore's services or products.

  4. No refund will be allowed for any purchases in VStore.

  5. The User must deposit VStore Purchase (VP) points to purchase the products/services in VStore application.

  6. The User can deposit the minimum 500 VP points . VStore recommends the User to deposit VP points only when he/she wants to purchase products/services in VStore application. And VStore will NEVER force or ask the User to store the huge amount of VP points in his/her account.

  7. The User cannot withdraw his/her VP points.

  8. VStore shall NOT be responsible for the loss of the User's VStore account due to the User's neligence or the loss of the User's registered mobile or SIM card.

  9. VStore shall NOT be responsible for the loss or damange of VP points or data due to the Five Veras or the natural disaster.

  10. Any violations of the User Agreements will lead to termination of the User's VStore Account. If required, the User will be sued.